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Liposuction: What Are The Risks?

Posted By on Jan 11, 2017

There have been lots of horror stories of botched liposuction procedures in the popular media. There is no doubt that with any cosmetic procedure there can be complications, but we need to put into perspective whether liposuction is dangerous, or not.

There are quite some things that, historically, have put people off liposuction when they might have otherwise considered going ahead with the procedure. There are several factors at play when liposuction goes bad. Sometimes an infection can set in and cause problems. Occasionally the cosmetic surgeon can over-do an area, leading to an uneven result. This can usually be put right by one of the fat grafting techniques now available.

Luckily, though, less and less liposuction horror stories are surfacing due to newer liposuction technologies becoming available to cosmetic surgeons. At the forefront of this new wave of lipo, technologies are Smartlipo and Vaser Liposelection.

Both Smartlipo and Vaser Liposelection are safe enough to sculpt the smaller delicate areas such as the face and under the chin. Smartlipo uses laser technology to liquefy the fat, and in the hands of a trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon, has a very good safety profile.

Vaser Liposculpture is based on a different technology than Smartlipo. V.A.S.E.R. is an acronym which means Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Simply put, Vaser utilizes ultrasound energy to break the fat down into tiny particles which can then be suctioned out. The real breakthrough as far as Vaser Liposelection is concerned is the ‘selectivity’ factor. Instead of relying solely on the surgeon’s skill to accurately detect the difference between fat and other tissues, the ultrasound only targets fat, not blood vessels, connective tissue or any other structures in the body.

The real breakthrough advance with Vaser Liposelection is that the ultrasound leaves healthy, vital tissues like blood vessels and muscles alone. This, in turn, leads to much less blood loss and a shorter recovery time. Even better, the incisions are very small indeed, so in time, scars are usually only barely visible.

Often the risks associated with general anesthesia are avoided altogether, as these procedures can be performed using only local anesthesia, accompanied with light sedation. It is usual for your cosmetic surgeon to prescribe an oral antibiotic to prevent any risk of infection as, even though Smartlipo and Vaser are more advanced liposuction technologies, the body has still been through trauma, and needs to be given the best conditions in which to heal. So, even though all cosmetic surgeries carry an element of risk, liposuction is not as dangerous as the popular media has made it out to be.

Have you had liposuction performed? Share your experience.

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Modern time brings modern habits, and it is hard to be healthy these days. We always need more time to manage to do everything that we planned. The worst thing is that we don’t have time for ourselves. Even if we are aware, we need to have time for ourselves we simply don’t have enough time. How to organize your life and find the easiest solutions to find a balance?
Finding a balance in your life is the first step on the way to healthy life

There is an old Chinese method about how to stop being lazy and find the time for yourself. It’s called 60 seconds. Everything you want to do you need to start doing in less than 60 seconds. No preparation you need, basically all you need is to cut the chase and start your action in a minute. This way you will save yourself a lot of time. This way you will find a time for exercise and meditation as well. Everybody thinks that your workout should be at the exact time, in the exact part of the day. If you live in a modern time, you will see it is impossible. Especially, if you work three shift job. That’s why you need to apply this method and workout whenever you find time. If you get up at 2 pm after your night shift, consider it your morning and do some exercises. You will be surprised how healthy you will feel after just one month of applying this rule.

Balanced workouts

As I already mentioned a healthy life is all about balance. You can manage this kind of workout if you organize yourself. So basically every break can be used for the healthy workout. You will release from stress at the same time and be in good shape at the same time. That’s why you need to find the time and make a schedule before your working week so you can know when your breaks are going to be.Never forced only one group of muscles. You need to train the whole body. It is very important to run as mush is important to do your lifting.

Balanced nutrition

There is no point of working out if you are going to eat junk food. You need to build your muscles and to intake enough proteins in your body. That is why you need to eat enough eggs and meat. You need to provide your body with enough energy for a day. Here you need to follow the ’’ 3 meals rule’’. When you get up, you need to take as much as calories as possible. This start-up of the day should always be the strongest one. The second meal should smaller and the third one should be composed of so-called easy food. This way your body will have enough energy for the day. In the evening you will fall easily asleep and won’t have to worry about the bad dreams.

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